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To have sex with three (Usually female) 16-year-olds at once.
Did you hear kyle pulled an epstein last night? What a pimp!
by DOW September 26, 2006
When you are banging a girl from behind and right when you are about to cum, you take out your penis smack her in the back of the head and cum in her ear
Ian was banging daves mom and pulled an epstein b/c she wasn't behaving earlier.
by IAN EP August 10, 2008
1. (v) to creep or bother others, regardless of sex

2. (v) To torment people with your massive and widespread facebook friend requests to complete strangers, while still thinking you are the shit when clearly you're not.

3. (n) To be a complete and utter fag that has no idea that people really think you are a douchebag

4. (n) A weed-smoking, sunglass-wearing, queefing thunderpussy
Example 1

A: Dude, do you know who added me on facebook last night?

B: Let me guess, an Epstein?

A: Yeah. He also added the other 2,300 people in our class on the same night. What a thunderpussy!

Example 2

A: Did you see that hipster douchelord who smells bad and is smoking weed in front of our dorm?

B: Yeah, he's the local Epstein. He probably has some weed hidden in his woolen cap. What a thunderpussy!
by HE ADDED ME.... September 10, 2010
An unwanted person, the "karen" or your friends according to Dane Cook
social fruitfly karen asshole loser

a: why is he here?
b: ugh he's such an epstein
by puckslut69 July 14, 2010
To shit uncontrollably upon having eaten to quickly; to shit your pants
"Hey man hurry up and finish your food so we can get to the party."
"Dude stop your going to make me pull an epstein"


"When the cop gave me that sobriety test I swear I almost pulled an epstein."
by michael epstein September 09, 2007
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