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looks like an extasy pill. Prop given in xanga comments
eprop = E?
this is why ppl used to say xanga users did X
by Dong Woo December 10, 2004
Similar to props, e-props are given when a more than needed comment is made.
screenname1: if only you would look for the answers yourself, then we wouldnt have to see 20 posts everyday about the same problem!

screenname2: so true ::e-props::
by robot_brain May 02, 2005
A way of showing recognition. Better than regular props; They can be accessed anywhere in the world via internet.
dude, major e-props on your latest blog.
by Jared B. Swift November 01, 2008
Internet proper recognition.
Hahahahaah, LOL...e-props yo!
by Ripper36 July 05, 2005
Piece of internet currency distriubted by Many people find this currency to be of very high value, while in truth it is worthless.
Xanga user 1:gIvE mEe pRopZZZ oR eLse!!!!!!!!1
Xanga user 2:lyKe oKaYyy!!!!!!1!!!!1
by Kevin January 16, 2005
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