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looks like an extasy pill. Prop given in xanga comments
eprop = E?
this is why ppl used to say xanga users did X
by Dong Woo December 10, 2004
19 4
Similar to props, e-props are given when a more than needed comment is made.
screenname1: if only you would look for the answers yourself, then we wouldnt have to see 20 posts everyday about the same problem!

screenname2: so true ::e-props::
by robot_brain May 02, 2005
7 2
A way of showing recognition. Better than regular props; They can be accessed anywhere in the world via internet.
dude, major e-props on your latest blog.
by Jared B. Swift November 01, 2008
2 0
Internet proper recognition.
Hahahahaah, LOL...e-props yo!
by Ripper36 July 05, 2005
4 3
Piece of internet currency distriubted by Xanga.com. Many people find this currency to be of very high value, while in truth it is worthless.
Xanga user 1:gIvE mEe pRopZZZ oR eLse!!!!!!!!1
Xanga user 2:lyKe oKaYyy!!!!!!1!!!!1
by Kevin January 16, 2005
21 23