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The wonder drug that makes you vomit a lot.
He was puking his brains out from the epicac he took.
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Drug that causes EPIC vomiting.
hence the term 'epicac'
Epicac is used as a drug (medicine), for humor, and other things and supposedly tastes like sap
Did you see the episode of family guy where they drank some epicac?

I added some epicac to Britney's margarita and she vomited a bucketfull.
by Lucas_Valen July 07, 2009
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Urbandictionary is a creation put forth solely by the imagination of Epicac. You reading this right now? You are doing it purely out of Epicac's will that you read it.

Epicac also sucks horrendously at Mario Kart, where all his pain stems from, seeing as one of his own creations destroyed him completely, leaving no shred of dignity.

This was so he could ascend to the next level of hell (Chuckee Cheese) and get the crystal goblet to defeat his arch nemesis, Generic Androgynous Emo. He then, filled it with the blood of all emos the world over.

His creation is the travelling sidekick doing all the work, yet getting none of the credit, because that is what Epicac wishes.
P1: Did you see at the end of the 3rd cut scene? Proteus took a handful of bullets for Epicac!
P2: So what, i'm a figure skater.
by chew-z April 14, 2005
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