a fail that is so epic it is almost a win, or failtastic.
johnny v is an epic fail.
by hahaa. December 18, 2009
Cheering for the underog in a sporting event and actually thinking they'd win.
Raiders fan: Dude the Eagles blew that game against the Cardinals on Sunday!
Eagles fan: Hey at least my team made it to the championship game!

Epic fail to both fans.
by CozNY January 19, 2009
Definition number two in the urban dictionary of epic fail.
"Means only one thing........of two choices."
^Epic Fail of definition
by AnonymousUser200 January 10, 2009
The big shit of all fails.
Dude, I epic failed that test in Hennessy's class!
by God dammit Lexi is taken. August 08, 2008
A term for when average everyday run of the mill failure, just doesn't cut it.
If you're going to succeed, good for you. If you're going to fail, make it an epic fail.
by PrincessZeffie July 15, 2008
A term made famous by a Jew with more nicknames than ever thought of. It is usually put to use when describing someone/something that just can't do anything but lose/error/suck/etc.
Guy # 1: I just took your Bishop!
Guy # 2: Dude that was my Knight! You are Epic fail!!!
by THE Rainbow Tree January 18, 2009
A word describing the failure of Microsoft's Xbox 360.
Dude, you got the xbox ring of death, Epic fail.
by Zim_ September 10, 2008

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