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Of great magnitude
(speechless)........ Epic.......
by smokincrak October 05, 2012
A word, similar to "extreme" in that it has been used to death by those 25 and under (either age or IQ) and will probably be nothing more than an archaic expression by the year 2050.
Taco Bell is now using "epic" in its advertising, giving me an extreme and epic pain in the ass.
by I Weep For The Future December 04, 2011
1. Very large or big
2. Incredible or freaking awesome
3. The polar opposite of fail; Unless used to complement it making EPIC FAIL (echoes)!!!
4. Awesome
5. Larger than life
Megan Fox looks epic
That jump was EPIC!!!
Matt, your death metal is so epic
by lostwithinmyownmind January 27, 2011
Playstation 2 - God of War I, God of War II
Playstation 3 - God of War III
PSP - God of War: Chains of Olympus
In God of War III, Kratos rips off Helios' head epically.
by jaz350z March 13, 2010
A word that needs to be filtered out from the Internet.
random tool: That was the most epic thing ever.

you: No, it wasn't.

random tool: Hell ya it was!!

you: Do you even know to use that word in the proper context?

random tool: Ya, just did.

you: Do you even understand the meaning of that word?

random tool: ...DERP!
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011
1. (Adjective) Describes a weapon in any video games, like CoD or Halo, that's extremely good and is really good for owning other players.
2. (Past tense Adj) Describes a game in which you did very well, ranking one of the top players.
1. "Wow my assault rifle epics! I'm raping these guys"
2. "Oh yeah I epic'd in that game, I had 37 kills and 2 deaths!"
by Jouykoulafgerski Muorgiuozguun December 08, 2010
Adjective used liberally by egomaniacal douchebaggy, wannabe runners, cyclists and triathletes to describe their athletic performances as tremendous feats of will and strength beyond that of mere mortals.
Wow, those were epic 3.1 miles!
by Crunner May 24, 2011