The "not" of the 2000s. Something that is okay to say this year but if you say it next year will just get you looked at weird, like if you wear to go out in public with a fanny pack or wearing overalls with only one strap buckled. Used to approve of anything positively. Only momentarily, of course. Often piggybacked with "fail" as "epic fail". Another reason for other socities to despise the ineptitude of the human beings within ours.
"Epic" video game

"Epic" female

"Epic" clothing

"Epic" haircut

"Epic" poser metal band featured on Guitar Hero.

"Epic" anything else that comes to mind.
by BDITM May 22, 2009
Used to describe something very imposing, impressive, or extraordinary. Commonly coupled with words such as "fail" or "win". Something that is epic can be extraordinarily awesome, or extraordinarily blunderous. Although the word's definition has been warped by the internet population, something that is epic is usually something that can be remembered for a long while. "Epic" is commonly misused because something that is supposedly "epic" is actually rather unexciting and not out of the ordinary.
This is a quagmire of epic proportions.

Did you see me pwn that noob in Counter Strike? It was an epic win!
by Shinobi96 February 05, 2009
"EPIC." is actually a completely different word than "Epic", it is heightened exponentially. The spelling difference is that EPIC. is in all capitals at all times, and the period is actually married to the capitalized letters. For example, "EPIC ." <the period and the capitilzed letters are divorced in a way, and "EPIC." <the capitilized letters and the period are married. If the period and the capitilized letter are not married, then it is not the same word as "EPIC.". Anything including stealing, commandeering, pirates, YARR, french toast, KY jelly wrestling, pudding wrestling, jell-o wrestling, etc. are all included as being EPIC.
Andrew: Dude, being a pirate is going to be awesome!
Clay: Sir, I do think you misspelled EPIC.

Clay: The July 4th party will be EPIC. on all accounts!
by Andrew Stanfield June 22, 2006
A short way to say Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Google, when you search for epic:
Did you mean: Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

-It used a *ing galaxy as shuriken!!! That's epic win!
-No, that's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann win.
by renrutal May 11, 2008
A word recently being used by scene kids, and hipsters to describe something they like.
Douche 1 "Hey bro, did you see that dude with the fauxhawks track jacket?"
Douche 2 "YEAH MAN, EPIC!"
by Alex C-lok January 24, 2008
impressively majestic;
gifted with heroic powers
Leslie Ellis believes Laura Ames is an epic kiddo who bikes for Jesus.
by thejellomonster May 13, 2010
A word, similar to "extreme" in that it has been used to death by those 25 and under (either age or IQ) and will probably be nothing more than an archaic expression by the year 2050.
Taco Bell is now using "epic" in its advertising, giving me an extreme and epic pain in the ass.
by I Weep For The Future December 04, 2011
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