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The smirk on one's face that makes you want to punch it.
Larry thinks he's funny with his shit eating grin.
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011
Shit that got old real quick.
Things that got played out:

- 'Epic'
- Rick rolling
- 'All that and a bag of chips'
- Crocks
- Hammer pants
- Charlie Sheen's 'winning'
- Napolean Dynamite
- 'Bling bling' (not to be confused with the rare usage of the adjective 'bling')
- Hipsterism
- Anything that marketing agencies decide to churn out
- etc.
- etc.
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011
A word that needs to be filtered out from the Internet.
random tool: That was the most epic thing ever.

you: No, it wasn't.

random tool: Hell ya it was!!

you: Do you even know to use that word in the proper context?

random tool: Ya, just did.

you: Do you even understand the meaning of that word?

random tool: ...DERP!
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011
Douche bags are smug, smarmy assholes, who are too pussy to physically be assholes.

Douche bags may pretend to be oblivious to their surroundings, and will respond with a shit eating grin and a phony apology if their wrongdoings are exposed.
"I don't like assholes, but douche bags are the worst."

"Jared may seem like a 'nice guy', but we all know that he is a douche bag."

Cool people = assertive individuals
Assholes = aggressive individuals
Douche bags = passive-aggressive individuals
by capnbarfy May 27, 2011

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