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A company that was owned by Republicans. It was giving monet to terrorists and had lots of bad buisness things happen to it.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
222 78
1. like to company "Enron" (once a good company, gone bankrupt because of their ways). this a unisex term for one who has the illusion that they are highly valuable, has great morals, and is attractive; but in reality, they are goldiggers, liars, and overall whores sneaking behind your back.

2. the hidden office codename for a skank.
co-worker A: "damn, you see that new girl that came in today for her interview?"

co-worker B: "yeah, man i wouldn't tap that if i were you; Rob used to date her, said she's an enron"

co-worker A: "what the fuck?...aw hell naw you serious?"

co-worker B: " it's been confirmed, she's already fucked like 5 random dudes here in one month"

co-worker A: "DO NOT WANT...my dick deserves better than that"
by Mr.Pipez October 15, 2010
126 12
Used to describe the most 'wrong', i.e. evil or grotesque, things imaginable.
Raping babies is just fucking enron, man.

Nigel: Sometimes I think about drinking my own pee-pee.

Dicky: Nigel, you are enron.
by Mr Spanky Pants August 04, 2006
112 16
Something an average high school graduate has never heard of - and those in college 'saw it on telly once'.
Is that a band?
by bllah January 08, 2004
11 185