someone who cries over petty matters....infact who cries all the time...
don't ya tell him that his galfrnd is hanging around wth someone else...he is such an enrique iglesias.
by not-enrique-iglesias July 21, 2009
Top Definition
the greatest latin singer of all time. Known for his elegance, beauty, dreaminess.
yo dawg, you aint no enrique iglesias, you just a chump.
by Latin Sensation January 16, 2006
A very talented international pop star who was born in Spain and girls love him!
Enrique Iglesias is so awesome!!
by Anaid0350 January 06, 2011
1.An extremely talented spanish singer.
2.Very well known across the world.
3.One of the hottest men on the planet
4.Hot body<3
5.He's a women's idol
6.Listened by all year groups
7. His most famous songs are ''hero'' and ''do you know''
8. He has one of the biggest fan groups
9. dating Anna kournikova( russian tennis player) .. :(
10. He's just simply amazing!
i can be your hero baby, i can kiss away the pain.. i will stand by you forever ... you can take my breath away <3

... OMG its enrique iglesias<3
by pisulolizac December 18, 2011
Hot but annoying Spanish weenie. His music is shit but he's a rather good-looking fellow. Some might call him queer, but he really isn't. He's dating some chicks named Anna, from Russia.

Has a song called "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)". Sounds desperate if you ask me.

Most of his fans are 12-35 year old single chicks.
Kid: Who's that on the radio? it sounds like a cat being strangled!
Another kid: That's Enrique Iglesias. He's hot, but he's not such a great singer.

See also:
Weenie wussoid pussy
by dotnosedgirl March 09, 2011
latin fairy piece of shit. see douche bag or cock gobbler
You listen to that douche bag enrique iglesias? YOU FAGGOT! *kicks ass*
by Paul the non-douche October 31, 2003
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