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There are several definitions for wussoid.

1) A wussy nerd/geek/dork
2) A BIG TIME wuss
3) A freak who is also a wuss
4) A "tough kid" who is actually a wuss on the inside
1) Jeez, check out Johnny. He's wearing that God awful star wars shirt again, and does he EVER put his protractor down? What a wussoid.
2) I fist bumped Thomas, but that wussoid screamed that I had probably broken his knuckles.
3) That Fregley dude is weird. He's also a bit of a wussoid. He eats scabs, but he won't play football.
4) Mandy is a bitch, but I'm certain she's really just a wussoid.
by dotnosedgirl March 25, 2011

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