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noun (1) - The most complex man on the Earth. He is very talented on anything he does. From being geek to jock, he can outwit and pwn anyone you're mom has been fucking with. He has an average dick but it has the best sensation a woman can attain.

(2) - hot and wise
Damn! That dude is enrico. He's got the package!
by dicktionaryGod March 14, 2009
The absolute sexiest, smartest, most heroic name that can be bestowed upon a man.

Meaning "King" and "Protector of the domain".

The 95% of the unknown universe, theorized to contain dark matter and dark energy, is actually hammer-space for Enrico's extra penis.


Legality: In the event you are to meet an Enrico who is not omnipotent and well endowed, He must be punched in the testicular region and told he is adopted, as punishment for not living up to the name, so honorably bestowed upon him.
Woman: "Hey sexy, what's your name?"
Enrico: "Enrico"
Woman: "I think i'm pregnant"
by Ebob101 October 14, 2010
Usually a guy who likes to touch girls. He can be a real douche but everyone likes him, he can be awesome at times. Often white, but 76.33% are black. He gets turned on really easily and shouldn't be fucked with too often.
Wow, that Enrico is has some serious black booty!
by Pseudoynmmm November 30, 2013
Bobby Butlers boyfriend, who likes to get it up the but.
1)Bull and Enrico gave it up the but to each other, all night. 2) Man did you FuCk Enrico last night.
by MaNiMfInE May 20, 2006
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