n1. the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on hiroshima. to truly convey the extent of how much the bomb was gonna destroy and otherwise fuck up it was named the gay so they would know that they got boned in the ass.

n2. a stupid nickname for one who drops devastating jokes whenever possible.
the enola gay is one fucked up name.
by the ninja buddha March 27, 2007
Top Definition
Despite the recollection of "blah", the 'Enola Gay' was the b-29 super-fortress, which dropped the uranium bomb titled 'little boy' over Hiroshima, japan. It was named after the pilot's (Paul Tibbets) mother. The second bomb, which was a plutonium device titled 'fat man' was dropped on Nagasaki, japan by 'Bock's Car' captained by Charles Sweeney.
"the enola gay performed only one atomic bombing mission"
by I am totally cereal March 15, 2009
The bomber that dropped the first two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945, respectively. Ended the second world war. "Enola" backwards is "alone," which means "alone gay" or "alone happy."
The enola gay is a pretty gay name.
by blah March 08, 2004
When you take a crap by hovering over the toilet seat because it is filthy. While hovering, you drop your mother lode then get out of there because the turd has had extra air-time to stink up the stall.
This toilet is nasty. I'm going have to use the enola gay technique.
by kombat August 19, 2005
Title of the song about the hiroshima disaster by OMD
"I think synthpop sucks!"
"Well, you should listen to 'enola gay' by OMD!
"I did, and it still sucks."
by Mileva August 09, 2009
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