a bunch of fools that cant even qualify for the euro 2008
nelson - hows england doing in the euro 2008? timmy - whos england?
by Nelson10 July 10, 2008
The only country that has put up with Americas bull shit.
England is one of Americas few remaining alliences
by stickfruit April 13, 2008
A country in Great Britain that, funnily enough, consists of more than just London, and has inhabitants which, contrary to popular American belief, do not usually play tennis with Prince Charles and then go eat crumpets and drink tea with the Queen every afternoon at four.
English; "I'm from England?"
American; "Ohmygodddd, you're from London right?"
English; "Actually I'm from Leeds."
American; "...where?"

American; "Are you from England?"
English; "yes"
American; "Do you know the Queen?"
English; (sarcastically) "Oh yes. As a matter of fact I'm just off hunting with her royal highness. Pip-pip."
by Sara;K July 04, 2009
The most amazing country in the world. Beat down the pussys that call themsevles French. And leaves a lasting pride of being English even though your family has been in America since 1632.
The pride of having your heritage from England lasts forever.
by DAJ72 April 02, 2009
England is a fantastic country that is hated by most other countries in the world.
However, the English don't give a shit about this due to hundreds of years of getting used to this.
Out of the United Kingdom (lol):
The Welsh hate us the most but they are cunts anyway so it doesn't count.
The Scottish also hate us but they are all so pissed can't remember why.
Our other close neighbours;
The Irish are so thick they forget to hate us at times but atleast they are fun.
So here we live as a happy little family.
by mrs ky April 06, 2011
The United States of America's total bitch. We owned them in the Revolutionary War. Also, full of pansies that have fucked up license plates and spelling. Fuck butter on your sandwiches, and fuck your spelling too, cause when it comes to "honor", there's no room for "u". Also, all of your pansy sports suck. And fuck your government. Incest-ridden hillbillys in your grand palace of cousin fuckery. Also, to leave off, the only good thing that came out of England is the USA and the Beetles. Now, fuck you, period. Not "full stop".
"Fuck you, England! You persecuting, fancy worded fuckfaces!" *July fourth is the day when we stand up and we say: "Fuck you, England!!" Fuck you, fuck you.
by Hot_Chocolate November 02, 2014
England is a quaint land surrounded by Scotland, Wales and Ireland (Northern and the Republic of), who make up the United Kingdom, or UK, as well as a few small Islands nobody cares about.
Except the Isle of Mann. People care about that because of the TT motorbike race.
Other than that, they have a history of being one of the most powerful countries in the world. The Monarchy of England is the most famous in the world, and it is that Monarchy which almost lead them, and the rest of the British Empire, to take over the world.

These days England models itself on America a lot. It's rather disgusting. Everyone also thinks of the English as either really cool, those would be Anglophiles, or someone to hate, predominantly Scotland, Wales and Ireland.
People from England do not all talk like Queen Elizabeth II or Sir Ian McKellen. Sadly, the Men are not all gay. Sadly, the Women are not all prudes. Sadly, we do not all refer to ourselves in the third person. Sadly, we are not all funny. And contrary to popular belief we do not try to quash Ireland's, Scotland's or Wales' culture. We are who we are.
"Say, you're from England aren't you?"
"Why don't you say one and crap?"
"... Because I'm not a posh twat?"

"I'm Scottish. I wear a kilt. Got a problem with that, English man?"
"Why, no, I haven't. Why would you ask me such a thing? I'm just someone who happens to be from England."

"LOLOLOLOL lyk ppl from England tlk funi i wish dat i tlkd lyk dat."
A nearby English person punches the retard in the face.
by Pottsylird March 09, 2008

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