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A country that gave the world the following things:

Generator of electricity- Michael Faraday.
Electrical transformer- Michael Faraday.
Electric motor- Michael Faraday.
Jet engine- Sir Frank Whittle.
Internal combustion engine- Samuel Brown.
World Wide Web- Tim Berners-Lee.
Computer- Charles Babbage.
First self-powered aeroplane (I think)- John Stringfellow.
Flush toilet- Thomas Crapper.
Digital audio player (MP3 player)- Kane Kramer.
Tank- English military.
Lawn mower- Edwin Beard Budding.
Great Western Railway- Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
The locomotive- Richard Trevithick
Vaccination- Edward Jenner.
Antiseptic surgery- Joseph Lister.
Incandescent light bulb- Joseph Wilson Swann.
Steam engine- Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen and James Watt (except that James Watt was Scottish, not English).
Clockwork radio- Trevor Bayliss.
Daylight saving time- William Willet.
Fire extinguisher- Ambrose Godfrey.
D.N.A. fingerprinting- Sir Alec Jeffreys.
The defeat of the Germans in WWII- Winston Churchill.
Electric battery- John Frederick Daniell.
Electromagnet- William Sturgeon.
Hovercraft- Christopher Cockerell.
Maglev rail system- Eric Laithwaite.
Computer tornography (CT scanner)- Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield.
First programmer- Ada Lovelace.
Typewriter- Henry Mill.
Modern steam turbine- Sir Charles A. Parsons.
Shakespeare's plays- William Shakespeare
Newton's laws of motion- Sir Isaac Newton.
Gas turbine- John Barber.
Modern atomic theory- John Dalton.
Chromatography- Richard Lawrence Millington Synge.
Seismograph- John Milne.
Splitting the atom - John Cockcroft and Irish physicist Ernest Walton.
Aeronautics and flight- George Cayley.
Discovery of the proton- Ernest Rutherford
Discovery of the electron- J. J. Thomson
Discovery of the neutron- James Chadwick.
Lifeboat- Lionel Lukin.
Following sports originated from England: Modern football, rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton and rounders.
The police force- Robert Peel.
Carbonated soft drink- Joseph Priestley.
Friction match- John Walker.
Spinning Jenny- James Hargreaves.
Collodion process- Frederick Scott Archer.
Stereoscope- Charles Wheatstone.
Linear motor- Charles Wheatstone and Eric Laithwaite.
Cavity magnetron- Harry Boot.
Cinematography- William Friese-Greene.
Thermosiphon (forms the basis for modern central heating systems)- Thomas Fowler.
Parkesine, the first man-made plastic- Alexander Parkes.

Other British achievements:
Abolished slavery- (William Wilberforce)
Women's Rights to vote- Emmeline Pankhurst.
Foundation of the U.S.A.
The English language.
The Industrial Revolution (a major turning point in history that shaped the modern world).
The largest empire ever. (Check Wikipedia if you don't believe me).
Church of England.
English law (forms the basis for legal systems used in Commonwealth nations and the U.S.A.).
Apple pie (also invented in England).
Me: I'm proud to be English.
Non-English person: What? What do have to be proud of, being English?
Me: Well... (names all the things listed above).
Non-English person: .....ah.

Non-English person: English people are faggots! England's done nothing good for the world! Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Me: Just do some research.
by ProudEnglishman February 20, 2009
A member nation of the United Kingdom. It is part of an island nation in western Europe, which invented football (which we have mixed results in) Rugby (same again) and many other handy things.

Together with Scotish enlghtenment (mainly based in Edinburgh) Welsh raw materials, Irish manpower. The English played a huge part in turning Great Britain into the first truly industrialised nation.

It also (again with the aid of the other home nations) formed the largest empire the world had yet seen. Strangely the English attempts at Empire had been successful but not greatly so, while the Scots had failed in panama. When the two combined however things really took off (strange)

The English also proved themselves to be a strong fighting nation both on sea and land and contrary to popular myth were equal to the other home nation regiments. For some reason many seem to believe that a race of people that sailed across the North sea and took over much of the fertile land of Great Britain and then fought virtualy non stop with Europe, should be considered pansies.

The English are now a hugely mixed group, however as they consider and take pride in their mixed basterdised background (creating a better stronger gene pool) this has had no real negative consequences unless a group is clearly segregating themselves (hence the dislike of the muslim veil)

The English relationship with the rest of the U.K. has been tense for many years in the past due mainly to the constant wars between themselves with no clear outcome other than pointless arguements over things that happened in the middle ages.

The main cause for dislike now is not so much cultural differences (as there are none to speak of other than accents)it is more of a dislike based on news reports wanting to create hatred. Football and Rugby matches that are treated like wars (its only a sodding game)and a sense of calling yoursef different for the sake of wanting to be different. This has been fueled by a largely pointless and over nostalgic view of the past in many celtic countries which now believe they can improve themselves by dressing stupidly and speaking languages that are basically defunct. rather like the Italians reverting to Latin on a whim or the English learning Anglo Saxon.
England perform on average on their own. United with the other nations of Britain. THEY ROCK!
by markwignall1988 October 21, 2006
A brilliant country, from where the following things were introduced to the world: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath, Depeche Mode, Sex Pistols, Coldplay Monty Python, Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, Shakespeare, Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart, John Lennon, Harry Potter, Elton John, Fawlty Towers, The Office, Blackadder, Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, John Keats, Lord Byron, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Blake, Charles Dickens, J.R.R. Tolkien, Roald Dahl, Thomas Hardy...
In short, England is the artistic and cultural heart of the world.
"The English language boasts a rich and prominant literary heritage. England has produced a wealth of significant literary figures including William Shakespeare, arguably the most famous in the history of the English language, Daniel Defoe, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf, George Orwell and Harold Pinter. Others, such as J.R.R. Tolkien, Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton and J.K. Rowling have been among the best-selling novelists of the last century. Among the poets, Geoffrey Chaucer, Lord Byron, John Keats, John Milton, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and many others remain read and studied around the world-"-Wikipedia
by Kimmyliah September 10, 2006
The homeland of numerous talented musicians.
Me love England, England is best
by WOOOOOOOOT December 11, 2006
The best country in the world and probably the most hated for some reason but we dont drink tea all day and we r not all posh, actually i've never met anyone that talks like 'we' do in american films.
England help france in the war and then they sell really dangerous bombs n stuff to argentinians in the falklands war
by jakew September 14, 2006
England is an alright country, depending on what part of England you're from it's a nice place to live. Many of Englands sterotypes are untrue or are untrue now for example bad teeth I've never met anyone in real life with black teeth and I've lived in England my whole life. I'm not saying England is the best country in the world because I don't think it is but i don't think it's as bad as most of these definitions are making out.
England is a fun place to live you know!!
by Gido&Jessicerr December 31, 2009
The finest place on this earth.

England - Love it or leave it.
England the greatest place on Earth
by Donside April 09, 2006
A decent place. No more, no less. England varies depending mostly on what city you stay in. Yes, we have a problem with immigration, chavs, an underachieving football team, but we're not full of tea drinkers, with awful teeth/food either.

As the author of #1 stated, we have an unhealthy relationship with the other nations in the U.K, due to things that happened centuries ago, and sports games, but none of us really took off until we combined. My wife is Welsh, and I love her with all my heart.

Simply put, we are just an alright country.
In England, you are sure to have both good and bad experiences.
by A person from england January 09, 2010