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Also known as a hobbit, a small man with a unpredictable temper and a large appetite. Known to have hairy feet and the propensity to use strange insults (i.e. HOOKA!)
Hey look! the Engel escaped from the Shire!
by Tommy O'Shea March 04, 2008
v. a lie or mistruth told with the express knowledge by the teller that it will gain them nothing of value
That guy must have engeled all his names so he could use a different version for different whores. Genius.
by bbsincere April 21, 2009
A German word mean angel.
German: Dankliebe, sind Sie ein Engel.
English: Thanks love, you're an angel.
by Boothie February 02, 2006
A woman of goddesslike proportions. she often is seen wearing cute cotton panties or less. She loves toe socks and really hot shoes (but never in combination...ok sometimes in combination) She also has tons of stuffed animals. she is not a plushie
WOW did you see that girl? she like an Engel from heaven!
by Ballisticpenguin February 02, 2010
a band geek that is super cool and pretty (girl)
Man that girl must be born from an Engels
by racewalkinggamer March 21, 2008
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