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1. (n, proper, lit.) - refers to Ender Wiggin, a character in a series of science-fiction novels by Orson Scott-Card. This character was famous for his instant mastery of any game he could learn to play, and also for being a brilliant strategist/leader, so much so that it was very annoying to others.

2a. (n, slang, games) - Someone (usually a new player) who learns a game rapidly and seems to dominate the AI/opponents naturally. Also refers to a new player who always seems to end up as the leader or final decision-maker in team efforts, even when not the official leader of the team.

2b. (n, slang, games) - Refers to when a player suddenly comes up with a desperate strategy (sometimes brilliant, but often just odd) which leads to an easy win, usally against stacked odds. As is the case with many online real-time-strategy and first-person-shooter videogames, this usually involves cheap or dirty tactics which frustrate the other players.

**NOTE - Definitions 2a and 2b are no longer used as much, and for the most part Definitions 3a and 3b are used instead.**

3a. (n, slang, games) - Refers to a player who is the complete opposite of the type described above; i.e. the player is absolutely horrible at videogames, or leading a team. This type of player is also famous for trying to win on his own rather than work in teams. Can refer to being horrible at dexterity-based games or strategy-based games.

3b. (n, slang, games) - Situation where a player panics, making a poor decision that costs him or his team the game. Basically, the opposite of the situation in 2b.

4. (slang, games) Refers to someone who gets too absorbed into a fast-paced videogame and begins to become over-excited or panicky. (It's really a twist on wiggin)
1. "Some people who read the ender books thought ender was cool, others thought he was a loser."

2a. "My little brother's such an ender that I don't invite him to play net games with my friends. It pisses them off too much."

2b. "I'm sure we were winning, but the other team leader pulled some sort of ender shit and we were dead before we knew it."

3a. "My little brother's such an ender that I don't invite him to play net games with my friends. It pisses them off too much."

3b. "I was sure we were losing, but the other team leader pulled some sort of ender shit and they were fish."
by nerian January 16, 2004
The character from the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Ender Wiggins was his nick name... His real name was Andrew.
by smallpenis May 08, 2003
The name means "one in a million" or "something that is rarely found"
That gem is a real ender of all gems.
by EnderGate July 23, 2004
A comment or remark that brings a conversation to a complete halt.
"Oh my, that was an ender!"
by James Holland February 01, 2004
A name given to those born on the furthest colonies of human civilization, after mass space exploration. Such as Antillia, colony on the Jupiter moon Europa, from the Zone Of The Enders game series, created by Konami.
"That boy of the Enders, is always spaced out."
by BoyOfTheEnders August 06, 2008
when someone responds to a text/message or you send a text that obviously ends the flow of the conversation. Creating the "end" of the conversation and forcing the reciever to go out of his/her way to continue the conversation.
if a text only says "ha," "haha," "yeah" or the smiley ender- ":)"

reply: "enderrrr, thanks for that"
by Grizzly Black January 06, 2010
a bender of at least six days, usually resting on the seventh.
Andrew: "We've gone out monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday....I haven't been sober in a week."

Caleb: "Dude, we're going on an ender"
by A_Hay July 03, 2011
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