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a place where cool bums hang and party, with their leaders Kermit the frog and Cookie they ban fools who rip off others, and are much better than the counterpart known as snesorama which should be called craporama
emuparadise is way cooler than snesorama
by 9942 October 26, 2010
A place where arseholes generally aren't welcome, and leave with bans.
An example?
by Will August 02, 2004
A cool place where people like Sky_Seal get banned... -_- Doie.
Emuparadise pwnz, and Sky_Seal suxx0rz.
by Sky_Seal_sux0rz August 04, 2003
Sky_Seal licks Tranced Tidus's balls and wishes they could somehow return here.
Oh Trancey, will we ever be able to go back to Emuparadise?
by PWNZ0R August 30, 2003
A pro-piracy place where assholes run the joint, and faggotry runs rampant 24 hours a day. People like Evans (he says Basketball has too many niggers, and Baseball has too many wetbacks, lives in New York, New York, USA), Sprung (he likes imaginary redheaded underage japanese girls, lives in Indiana, USA) and similar members have all the say in matters and if you don't agree you get banned. Enough said.
This site is almost as lame and gay as, but luckily Evans isn't a member here.
by dotdotdash2 September 25, 2010

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