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Hell on earth. A large dimly lit room with over a thousand computers and hundreds of students studying till they pass out or fail the quiz they're taking. It never closes it never sleeps, and it never fails in tourturing the students who go to it.
"hey where u at?"

"i'm at the empo"

"shit, sucks to be you"
by Leesha44 April 20, 2006
47 5
A place where Virginia Tech students go when they realize that they have an exam the next day and haven't been to class....24 hour computer lab...
Pulling an all nighter at the empo is like fucking a fat chick at the end of the night...Some times you gotta do what you gotta do
by Chris Daman April 20, 2006
44 10
A plant that is wearing awesome shades.
Hey check out that empo!
by Empo March 25, 2012
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