a girl or teen emo or a non-harcore emo
can be classified as a 15 yr old girl who wears skinny jeans, horn rimmed glasses and flats
she is such an emo!

Emolite Proud
by Cristal Hannah November 01, 2006
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emo emolite

Usually a girl, who is deeply emotional but doesn`t have the nuts to cut herself. One step under being emo.

Or simply, an emo wannabe.
La Maira is an emo-lite.
by Maira June 04, 2007
Trying to be emo, yet failing at a trend that already fails. You only embrace the commercial aspect of the emo "culture". You probably just got into emo because of Twilight, Adam Lambert etc. When the next thing rolls around, you roll with it.
Guy: Dude, look at Trevor. He started listening to "My Chemical Romance", and now he's walking around in black and thinking everything sucks.
Guy 2: I know, he's like emo lite.
by peachcat May 26, 2009

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