anglo-saxon torture method - to talk incessantly until the victim loses the will to live
He was a tough one, he took 2 hours of emohawk interogation before he broke down weeping and told us the secret code
Stop emohawking on will you?
by pie January 20, 2004
Top Definition
It's an emohawk. A polymorph that is spayed at birth and is
half domesticated. It's trained to change shape at it's owners behest like all polymorphs it's an emotional leech, it has the ability to steal emotions from living creatures.

Emotions are a highly valued trading commodity.
"It's the emohawk!".

"The gun, the emohawk's the gun!"
by The_Reckoning October 29, 2005
The characteristic emo or related hairstyle involving a long swoosh of hair across the eyes, most often black and accompanied by morose brooding. Occasionally used by Goths too.
Basically looks like a limp mohawk, hanging down instead of spiked.
"What the hell kind of way to wear your hair is that?"
"Don't worry, thats just an emohawk. Haven't you ever seen Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes?"
by NM_Rox October 14, 2005
The emohawk is more properly defined as an over-grown mohawk brushed forward at one side, to give it the proper 'eye-cover'.

Not to be confused with an emoflop; where most of the hair is cut down, except the floppy-bit in the front. Or the fauxhawk.
Zero: Hey! look at that kid with the emohawk!
Sero: No, fool! That's a manfauxhawk. Note how it ain't in his /eyes/?
Zero: Oh! I see now! THAT one there's got the "emohawk"!
by idiotlefou May 08, 2006
A crappy hairstyle made popular by mall punk and/or emo band members.

The hairstyle is achieved by gelling your shaggy hair into a spiky ridge down the middle of your head. This differs from the mohawk because the sides of the head are not shaved.

Usually sported by trendy people trying to be different and tools.
That Good Charlotte singer has a very fetching emohawk.

I saw some tool with an emohawk down at the sushi place trying to impress some sorority whore with his dark intellect yesterday. I almost upchucked my Vegas roll.
by animamea November 16, 2005
Teh gay.
"You're so gay if you were anymore gayer you'd be an emohawk."
by jacknjilloff October 07, 2003
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