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Teenage kids who think they know politics but just go with the party their parents don't endorse.
"I hate George Bush because he likes dead Iraquis and is only fighting for oil LOL"~emocrat

Stop being such an emocrat you really have no idea what you are talking about
by el caballo February 20, 2005
whiney ass bitches who won't shut the fuck up even though they are clueless morons and even if you shove facts in their face that contradict their stupidity even if those facts are from flamingly gay liberal sources
emocrats are whining fucking maggots
by lmao August 02, 2004
Liberal Democrats who cry about anything and everything.
If you tree hugging Emocrats would stop crying over the worlds problems and fix them we wouldnt bombard your tear fill Tree fort.
by Boyderpatrol May 17, 2010
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