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The power to be able to suppress any urination needs regardless of the urgency and pain it may cause.
Joe: Dude! Stop the car! I REALLY need to take a piss right now!!
Pete: No can do, man! Just use your mind over bladder!
by medicalmechanica September 28, 2011
Valentine's Day for the people who don't have anyone to spend it with, and instead stay in their homes, Fapping
Bob: Hey, man, so who are you spending this Valentine's night with?
Frank: I'm gonna celebrate Fapentine's Day by myself.
by medicalmechanica October 05, 2011
A piece of art posted on deviantart site that sucks so much it stinks like crap.
Deviant 1: Hey! Take a look at my new pic! Isn't it awesome??
Deviant 2: Eew, smells to me like deviantfart...
by medicalmechanica April 29, 2010
Term used to describe usually young, newbie fans of Metallica that have just listened to their latest albums and pretend to know all about the band when they actually don't.
Jay: I think Rob Trujillo is the best bassist Metallica has ever had!
Bob: Jay, you're such a Metallicunt
by medicalmechanica February 14, 2010
A black blacksmith.
Aww man, I done broke my chain, I'll need to take it to my dog Darell to fix it, he's a true niggersmith, yo'.
by medicalmechanica March 11, 2012
An extraordinary term used to refer to a female that is destined to have virtually all males she meets in the quest of trying to fuck her.
Denise: Why does everyone I meet want to have sex with me?
Greg: 'cause you're The Chosen Cunt
by medicalmechanica April 25, 2010
The home country of Sarah Palin, where they say that reality bends in a complete random manner.
Advertisement: Visit Palinstan, where all you say and do is completely random, really.
by medicalmechanica February 10, 2010
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