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the dolphin word for dumbass
you are a personal maid to a school of dolphins that do not respect you, did you know that they call you emoc?
by roger clotts March 10, 2004
"Emo Man On Campus," a derivative of "Big Man on Campus" or BMOC. When someone is a BMOC but is more emo than fratty.
"Man, I love Lil' Wayne's new cd"
"It was catchy, but lyrically I thought it was really weak"
"Will, that was such an emoc thing to say"
by The Real Emoc February 13, 2010
Everlasting Make Out Curiosity
Severe form of MOW.
A state in which the person has never made out, and will probably never know.
Mongoose had EMOC until he made ou with that PennyWhore.
by Embrodak March 28, 2005
Emo C is a rapper from The Sensitivity Boosters.
Drrty Byl: Hey, Emo C, do you want to rap?

Emo C: Yes, Drrty, I'd love to.
by chadchadbinks February 11, 2008
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