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Okay, well, this is getting really annoying. But I'll explain this crap anyhow...

Emo Kids: Melodramatic kids who: wear black regardless if it's summer; cut themselves; put too much eye makeup; have choppy haircuts (that make them look like they haven't brushed their hair their whole lives).

Music: Listen to bands who sound like they're tigers about to feast on a Thanksgiving meal. But they're actually screaming about how "terrible" their lives are and how their hearts are "broken" and they cannot find another girl/boy in their lives ever again. Example: Brokencyde, Bullet For My Valentine (an example for an "emo" band name), etc.

Looks: Shop at Hot Topic. "Emo" kids wear usually all black clothes. Their shoes have either skulls on it, or it's a walking diary. Boys usually wear eyeliner and have black nail polish. I find that weird.
Girls have raccoon looking eye-makeup and hair that looks like they haven't brushed it for days. Also, girls usually dye their hair an abnormal color so people may make fun of them more. Boys AND girls must wear skinny jeans regardless the season.

Personality: "No one understands me. People make fun of me at school just because I'm different. Ughh....I just want to die." That explains a LOT.

Sexuality: Both sexes are usually bisexual. And the boys aren't afraid to show it...
regular boy: hey, are you wearing girl jeans?
emo boy: -closes eyes while listening to screaming- yes.
regular boy: ....that's pretty weird. are you gay?
emo boy: don't. talk. to. me. -sighs- you just don't understand...

Emo Kids
by Hazel-yyy July 22, 2009
17 35
a person who pretends to have actual problems just to sing about and complain but really doesnt have any problems. charactoristics of an emo:
-males wear their sister's mascara and jeans
-cut their wrists to "let out all their troubles and emotions"
-will stay in their rooms for HOURs doing nothing but listening to my chemical romance and hawthrone heights, crying and pondering the exitence of humans
-their girls look like dudes with their short hair,,, and their guys look like girls with their long, side parted hair.
- you'll almost never see an emo with out their ipod
-almost all who claim to be emos aren't and all who dont even talk to u except for complaining are.....
emo kid = are cutters and have No LIFE!!!
by Taylor June 19, 2006
9 27
an emo is sum one who is in touch with their emotions people think that all emos slit their rists but most dont
and the ones that show it off are doing it for a cry for help or are posers people who are emo because they think its cool a real emo is an emo because they are emo. real emos arnt all depressing or hate life they are ussualy all right people. emos ussualy dont admit to being emo but dont deniy it. they dont go to hot topic for all their clothes but dont deniy shoping their. they are rebelious ecause they belive about wat they are rebeling against. emos all hav their own fashion and dont care wat other people say. people who say thing like emos slit them self are sum chav or jock following the crowd and dont know an emo personaly.
non emo kid: u slit your rists

emo kid: wat makes u think that

non emo kid: because u r emo

emo kid: shut the fuk up

non emo kid: shut up or i'll bang ya

emo kid: fuk u (then the non emo kid realises he is getting his head kicked in)
by *dec* May 31, 2006
18 36
Someone I want to punch in the face!!!!!
Dammit, where'd I put my The Used album (essential for every emo kid)........WHAM!
by Akhmed April 04, 2006
13 31
I guess there a million types of emo kids, for everything about emo download the song 'Hollywood Undead - I Must Be Emo' that songs pretty much sums up what a Emo kid is all about.
For a perfect 'stereotype' of a emo kid...

Hollywood Undead - I Must Be Emo
by StangingSteve March 31, 2006
11 29
An Emo Kid is a term used to identify not one, but many different styles of dress, music and life styles, so this will be a rather broad definition. But, to make it easier, I will give the definition of only three different kinds of Emo kids. I am emo so I know what I am talking about.
1) There is the "Hard Core" Emo, who listens to very heavy music, usually made by under ground bands, but could possibly be semi mainstream. Examples of Hardcore Emo music would be bands such as Bring Me the Horizon, Arch Enemy, Berzeker, and others like that. These kids who are Hardcore Emos, dress in typical black and white, but are now moving to color, wearing lumberjack plaid and darker colors. They almost always have long hair, which is brushed over just above the eyebrows, not in front of but over. This is the kind of Emo that are not noticed as much as the others because they are not vocal about being Emo, but in all actuality they are the most common form of "Emo".
2) Now we come to the more stereotypical Emo, the one that listens to mellow Indie music and cries a lot (even though they don’t, a lot of people think they do). These Emo's are Emo even though they don't wear all black; instead they wear light colored cloths like white button down shirts and pale green scarves. Unlike the other forms of Emo Kids, you will rarely see these kids in Hot Topic, they more like thrift stores, or GAP, or sometimes American Eagle and Hollister (I know, it's really surprising!) We, in the Emo Subculture, call these kids Indie Emo, or just Emo. They listen to slightly more known bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Gym Class Heroes, Snow Patrol, and Playradioplay!. (Note to editor, Playradioplay! is the actual band name so don't "correct" that particular grammar mistake) These Emos are actually pretty rare to find, but they start most of the Emo styles.
3) Now this kind of “Emo” makes the rest of us in the subculture pretty mad. Now I will tell you why: because they aren’t, but they are the most vocal about being Emo. They are the ones who listen to bands like My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, and all the other mainstream bands that real Emo Kids hate (Nothing against those bands if you happen to like them, but real Emo Kids just don’t like them). They are the kids who give Emos a bad name, with wrist slitting, crying a lot, and “Emo Kissing”. Real Emo’s call these kids, “Wanna-be Emo”, or if they are being nice, “Altern-Emo’s”. They are not real Emo’s. Most of these Kids are bi or homosexual in some form or another.

The point to all of this is that I got on here and, as an Emo, got annoyed by the people out side the Emo subculture trying to define an Emo. I kept seeing only the definition of the "Altern-Emo", so i thought i would put some light on this subject.

So now to a more broad definition that will completely remove “Altern-Emos” from the picture. Real Emos don’t listen to very much if any mainstream music, whether it be Death-core metal, or underground indie, it is usually not heard of by anyone other than the people in that subculture. They usually write a lot of poetry about love, life, friends, or the lack of all the above. Emo’s are very interested in art that has hidden meanings or dark symbolism imbedded in it, and most of the time only the artist knows what the symbolism is or what the hidden meaning of his/her picture or poetry is. They may or may not be involved with their family, depending on the person. Emos almost always have gone through trying Family or friend situations and while trying to deal with it turned to music and art, which usually leads them to being full fledged Emo.
Hardcore Emo Music

Bring Me the Horizon
Arch Enemy
The Devil Wears Parada
The Black Dahlia Murder
3 Inches of Blood
Oh, Sleeper
War From a Harlots Mouth
Suicide Silence
Cradel of Filth
Ozzy Osborne
*note: Many of these bands are not Emo them selves but Emo Kids may listen to them any way.

Indie Mellow-core music

The Mary Onetts
LCD Soundsystem
British Sea Power
The Faming Lips
The Black Ghosts
Tegan And Sarah
The Moldy Peaches
Shiny Toy Guns
New Pornographers
The Spill Canvas
*note: Many of these bands are not Emo them selves but Emo Kids may listen to them any way.

by Mars Man May 29, 2008
22 41
Someone who will sit around and wish they knew how to make themselves cry because there 16-year-old life with there parents 6 figure a year job is just fine. They often comment on killing themslve but never do. They sit around and talk about how deep the lyris are even though they are too whiny to be understood.
"I want to put this cold blade to my warm vein and lay in a sea of red!"
2 weeks later
"Im going to put this .45 calibur to my forehead and paint my floor bright pink with sopts of red!"
2 weeks later
"I want to open this bottle, and stick overy little red pill ina cup and swallow, swalllow away the pain!"
And they never do it
by Diabolical December 21, 2003
36 55