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Someone who will sit around and wish they knew how to make themselves cry because there 16-year-old life with there parents 6 figure a year job is just fine. They often comment on killing themslve but never do. They sit around and talk about how deep the lyris are even though they are too whiny to be understood.
"I want to put this cold blade to my warm vein and lay in a sea of red!"
2 weeks later
"Im going to put this .45 calibur to my forehead and paint my floor bright pink with sopts of red!"
2 weeks later
"I want to open this bottle, and stick overy little red pill ina cup and swallow, swalllow away the pain!"
And they never do it
by Diabolical December 21, 2003
(1)One of the best bands. Funniest shit ive ever heard! IM this guy for info... "Glockd U Sucka"
(2)The coolest new video game in the south park episode with towlie
"DUDE! did you go to the Okama Game Sphere show?!"

"Dude i love Okama Game Sphere, letsp lay another game!"
by Diabolical December 21, 2003

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