A snot nosed idiot who can't decide if he's emo or goth, so says that he is "a hybrid" but is normally just a poser.
retard:Im an emo goth!!!

person with a brain:shut up you little rhinotwat...
by plaah August 09, 2007
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emo and goth kinda like a bisexual person being gay and straight, depending on their mood.
You are such a little emo goth punk.
by Anonymous March 07, 2005
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emo kid: "After school I am going to emo goth to cut myself and get my ass kicked by people who are less of pussies than me, that almost includes everyone."

Goth kid: Black and darkness give me a boner. I am so much less of a pussy than any emo kid.
by moses x August 04, 2006
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A contradiction of terms as emos will piss moan and cry about their plush lifestyles only to cut and cry to themselves over and over again for not getting what they want or even because they simply feel like it While goths simply do not care about their lives as they hate everything and simply cut for the sheer release and thrill it brings but will not cry to themselves in the corner.

Emos envy the goths for their lack of crying and thus try to imitate their sub culture by wearing similar fashions, but are easily spotted as they will often be seen crying to themselves over every pathetic little thing especially if it affects their selfish and overly comfortable lives and will put on massive drama shows that effectively annoy all around them until they gt what they want.

Goths usually wear dark clothes and make-up with practiced fervor and are also clearly distinguishable as they will glare at you and refuse to shed tears over anything while living a more minimalistic and death-centric lifestyle, after all you can't take possessions with you when you die and will usually keep to themselves as they have no desire to interact with others.

Due to the contradictions between the two as far as outlooks and reactions emo-goths do not exist
Impossible to define an emo-goth as both are polar opposites that the only similarity is in how they dress, Simply put if both were a magnet Emo would be south and Goth would be North
by Sypoth April 01, 2009
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