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A retail clothing store that originated in Newport Beach, CA. Pacsun primarily sells clothing to teens, and young adults. Pacsun sells clothing brands that are associated with surfing, skating, and snowboarding. Their slogan is, "Wear what you like."
Person 1 "Ugh, I need a new bikini"
Person 2 "Go check out Pacsun, they have lots of great styles."
by Slogans March 02, 2007
a great shop to get stuff from if you where them for the right reason which is because you like them, not just because the 'surf' look could be in fashion at the time
Its all good
by Jecca March 15, 2004
Pacific Sunwear of California Inc (also known as Pac Sun) is a US based retail clothing company rooted in the youth culture and fashion vibe of Southern California. In other words the store sells THEMED clothing. wearing the clothing doesn't make you a skater nor will it make you a poser. if you buy clothing for that reason alone you are missing the point. you buy clothing because you need it. You go to different stores because you have options. you look for options because either you are searching for a new price for a shirt, or you are searching for a new style of shirt. I shop at macy's, pac sun, and wal-mart. its all clothing. Pac Sun just happens to sell Southern Cali themed clothing.
Guy 1: "Hey your shirt looks cool where'd you get it?"
Guy 2: "Pac Sun"
Guy 1: " skate?"
Guy 2: "Nah, i just walked in there and i liked the shirt"
by T2K Prime August 16, 2009
A store that sells designer items like Hurley, Roxy, Billabong, etc. Most of the items focus around skater and surf stuff. It's great but way too many posers come, resulting in unhappy shopping.
Let's go to PacSun, it's one of the best stores ever.
by Spasticpancreas May 11, 2008
an awesome store that is nothing like hollister in my opinion... ur not a poser if u go there... u just like their clothes :)
i love Pac Sun's shirts!!!!!!
by Rachel P July 09, 2007
Short for Pacific Sunwear. A store that sells some pretty decent clothing. It's not too cheap but they have cute stuff. They sell more along the lines of skater/surf apparel. It doesn't make you a poser to buy from there, however. If the clothes appeal to you, then hey, buy them.
Girl #1: Hey, do you know where I can get some cute clothes from?

Girl #2: Well, you could go to Pac Sun.
by KatieWearsPants April 20, 2009
it's cool...but not original at all, the shirts and sweatshirts are just as expensive as "hollister" i would shop there more if i could go in and find a shirt that every one of my friends and the whole female population doesn't have...
Amy: Hey, let's go out to Pac Sun.
(When we get there)
Amy:Oh! This is cute...Wait, doesn't 5 other people have this?
by emily September 01, 2004
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