An offensive online video of satirist Dan Wall making fun of stereotypes about emo kids. The refrain goes something like "Cry cry cry. cut cut cut. sad sad sad."
The video features him pulling out knives out of nowhere to hold to his wrists, and some very crappy poetry.
"Emo boy. Emo boy. Sad sad sad."
by Mark Turin April 24, 2009
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emo boys are mostly prepubescent adolescent cuntbags who grow their hair excessively long, straighten it, and swoosh it across their face. after the 3 hours that takes, they squeeze into their 3 y/o sister's pants and put on a very tight band shirt (i.e. hawthorne heights, taking back sunday, hawthorne heights.... and hawthorne heights). most usually put on eyeliner, which is a task since their hair is perfectly swooshed across their forehead. after preparing for their night, they go take pictures of themselves in front of a mirror, and then hold the camera in the air and barely glance at it. finally, a pic of themselves that subtly show off the scars on their puny arms, noticeably a cry for attention. they then post these pics online and write sucky poems about their ex g/f's and how life is a tragedy..... <exit an emo boy night>
ted: LMAO!!!! look at those faggots!!!
bill: No dude, those are emo boys.
ted: is there a difference?
bill: ......i dont know.
by Curtis eff July 31, 2006
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Emo boys have figured out that if they pretend to have the same gushy emotions as teenage girls they will score with those girls more often.
Dude, the reason Emily won't go out with you is you're not enough like Emo boys.
by OldSarge July 09, 2010
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Listen people!
Emo boys are not all that great.
I read all of your defitions and I'm quite confused.
Emo boys are usually 16 year old acne ridden white upper middle class boys who whine and complain about being grounded for stealing their little sisters jeans.
You say that the reason their hot is because their emotional and sensitive.
Ladies,their are tons of sensitive guys out there who are actually compassionate to ACTUAL HUMAN SUFFERING AND PAIN(e.i. recent bombing in Pakistan) so as not to spend a whole saturday afternoon listening to Finch and blogging at LiveJournal about how the Homeroom class oztracises him so much.
And you talk about how creative and intelligent their conversation is.
3/4ths of the emo boy population doesn't even know who Allan Ginsberg is.
But I dare you to ask the school papers lit. editor and he'll tell you his favorite is Oscar Wilde.
I'm not saying their bad people, I'm just saying that their not as mature as the rest of the male populace.
And for the record...I'm a chick,so I should know.
Emo boys,play some White Stripes for god's sakes!
by Gabby G. October 25, 2007
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A emo is some one with long hair, likes jeans have really tight clothes and likes heavy music some ppl think they cry and r gay also they slit their wrists. But i dont and neither do my friends i some times cry
girl chav: oh wow look some emo boys i bet they have a knifes and he slits his wrists
Emo: arrrrghh get off my wrist
Girl Chav: hey he has no cuts
by john.w May 04, 2006
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An emo boy is a male who has bought into the MTV fad of over sensitivity. Usually, the male is of college age and is going through "the motions". Hopefully, in time, the emo boy with grow out of his confusion and become a regular man.

It's a popular misconception that emo boys are more in touch with their emotions than non-emo males. It's generally a drama paradox, showing more emotion that one has.

An emo boy is usually seen wearing: Jet black hair, black clothing, thrift store clothing with misc. logos, Chuck Tailors (or similar), black army style caps, studded belt, tight pants

The emo male is usually well groomed and metrosexual.
Now I could make fun here but, we're all guilty of buying into things. Everyone is capable of following a fad. So, cheer up emo kid, it's only a growing stage of your life.
by CurlyCoconutTree March 11, 2005
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Emo boys are often conformists with very strict rules about what clothes to wear and what hairstyles they should have. They only love other emo people so therefore they are also elitists. They are often gay or femme. They are in touch with their emotions, but not others emotions and are very immature. They are egocentric and love themselves so much they must talk and sing about themselves all the time. They have no backbone and cannot take criticism very well and will cry if you call them babies. They look dopey and would be better off with blonde hair. They look like anime characters so they belong in a cartoon world. I love them.
The Emo Boys cried all night long when the little emo girl punched each of them in the foot.
by Crow boy June 17, 2007
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