"Emo sucks" is a popular slogan spoken among the largly popular and happy, Un-emo, white, teen population. It was created as a response to the Emo counterculture that plagues the suburbs of the united states.
Hey emo kid, if you kill yourself now you might get a full page in the yearbook, EMO SUCKS!
by Captain Aggro April 11, 2006
Top Definition
"Emo sucks" is a statement of fact in the same sense as "oxygen is good for breathing." "Emo sucks" is now the modern version of "disco sucks," with the all-important distinction being that enjoying disco in the nostalgic, silly sense is fun, but emo will never be cool.
Teacher: "Class, can somebody give me an example of indisputable fact?"
Student: "Emo sucks!"
Teacher: "A Plus!"
by Marcus Solomon September 06, 2007
the simple and obvious truth
emo sucks, just look around at all the crying teens that cut themselves and wear their hair in their face while they listen to awful music, see my point?

Dude, emo sucks, is that how you really want to be remembered?
by Sarah Lambert February 26, 2008
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