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Non-existing... All emos are anorxics whom are all malnorished so they stay so underwait midgets have like 20 pounds on them...
"Im such an emo hunk!" said the emo kid while flexing his 90 pound body.
by Loganisdbomb July 08, 2006
a large man (effectively), who adopts the stylings of an emo or nerd (i.e. black rimmed glasses, stripy sweater, sensitive hair).

wan teenage girls with short red hair and shawls will see his gimlet eyes, strong shoulders and thick arms, but sense a betrayal of the small, scared child inside. not only has this man got a physique to protect her from the world, but also the heart of a poet.
aahh. Heath Ledger. that big bloke in neighbours. both emo hunks.
by Max Biggins April 19, 2006

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