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grass thats cuts itself
Me: i wish i had emo grass
Dude: why?
Me: cuz it cuts itself
by darkblackdove June 08, 2006
Grass that literally cuts itself!!!
Han: Hey Paul look your grass cut itself isnt that cool.
Paul: Yeah its called Emo Grass its really cool i wake up and my lawns cut perfect.
by If your alright with it i am October 10, 2011
grass that you don't have to cut. it cuts itself.
i'm so glad i planted the emograss, cuts itself everytime i play hawthorne heights.
by chin nuts June 14, 2007
grass that sees the gras on the other side of the fence as greener, so in turn cuts itself witout a lawnmower.
"I wish my grass was "emo grass" so it would cut itself"
im also "emo" but dont cut myself
just a good laugh, somthing we should all do
by Fyil September 25, 2006