I'm emo, and I'm gay, but I'm not gay because I'm emo, and I'm not emo because I'm gay. In fact, despite what most people thing, most emo boys aren't gay, or even bi. Trust me, I would know. Yes, they do wear girls jeans, tight shirts, and eyeliner. And yes, they are sensitive, but gay and sensitive aren't the same thing.

Also, most emo boys do not cut themselves and cry and are depressed all the time. The majority of emo boys I know are actually quite happy with themselves. They do write rather depresssing poetry once in a while, but that's just being creative, okay?
Girl 1: The emo boy over there looks really sad. I think he's cutting himself.
Girl 2: No, I think he's just tired.
by mon cheri garcon July 21, 2008
A boy who generally has long hair covering one or both of his eyes, which will usually be outlined in thick black eyeliner and/or eyeshadow and tight pants, usually girl's skinny jeans, wearing Chuck Taylor's or other skinny, flimsy footwear. Though often referred to as being cutters, many "emos" are not actual cutters. In fact, the term emo is simply a shortened form of the word "emotional," though most emo boys dress after favourite bands. The deepest desires of a large percentage of the female population, emo boys are not always gay, though some are.
I want an emo boy.
by x.demonic October 05, 2009
a boy who listens to such bands as Dashboard confessional and other acoustic bands. We rock and we are not girly men, we just care.
*no example at present time*
by danlock2 February 05, 2005
Someone who expresses their interest and EMOtions in an obvious or outward way such as dress. They have great respect for music and art. They typically don't follow the mainstream Unless that's what they like. They be who they want to be and if others don't approve of who they are, that's their problem. They typically wear tight skinny jeans, a slim fit tee that sports one of their favorite bands and accessories such as studded Metal belts, hoodies, bracelets, and various piercings. Most also have dyed black and straightened hair and like to wear eyeliner. Some even wear black nail polish
Wow that is an emo boy

Really how can you tell

By the way dresses and carries himself duh
by Emoguy_wonderwhy June 10, 2014
Emo Boys are undeniably smexy.
by bloodyterror August 29, 2008
Emo was originally used to describe "emotional hardcore" music that was somewhat similar to rock and often had confessional lyrics.
The term "emo" was an abbreviation for "emotional hardcore"before being used to describe those who listened to that type of music.

Emo boys are skinny guys who usually wear dark colors and skinny jeans. Their hair usually covers at least one of their eyes, and some wear eyeliner. They are usually introverted, creative, sensitive to people's feelings and mysterious. Some are just ass-fags. Not all emo boys are "fags" who cry all the time and cut their wrists. Some are bisexual because they're open-minded, but don't flatter yourself and think all LGBTs are just out there to rape you.
They're just people, so of course, every one of them has their own variations and shit.
Emo skaters are the hottest though.
Friend: I will mentally have sex with all the emo boys I see on the street today.

Me: Amen, brotha.
by One Bad Ass Mofo April 17, 2011
An emo boy cannot be grouped by any stereotype. The various people who go "hurr that emo slits his wrists and dresses like a girl hurr he's so pathetic hurr" clearly fear what they don't understand. Emo boys don't all wear makeup, and the vast majority don't slit their wrists. Similarly, not all emos listen to bands such as Fallout Boy and My Chemical Romance. They listen to what they want, when they want.

The only thing that actually defines an "emo" boy is how in touch with his emotions he is. They can be happy, sad, bored, whatever. They're just not afraid to show it.

Many people are emo, and even their closest friends don't know it.
*No proper example of an emo boy, Sorry*
by The King Of Zydeco March 15, 2008
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