kid:hey emo kid! hows life?

kid2:horrible, she broke up with me and so now i have the urge to cut my wrists and draw hearts on my wall out of the bloood from my black dying wilted heart about the love that i thought was real after the 2 weeks we dated.

kid:wow, wtf, get a life. get over the fact that she doesnt like you and thinks your fat and ugly and that your a fagg.

example of emo bashing.)
by fine.. i am. October 28, 2007
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A game played by poeple who hate emos more than emos hate themselves, particulerly highs school wrestlers, or hillbillys, but the greatest bashers of all time have been both. the goal of the game is to injure as many of the fags as possible, before the police arive. the game requeres not only bashing ability, but also the ability to chase them down, as they are pussys and never stand and fight. Not only is it a game but it also a form of community service,praised by all, especialy the elderly of the great generation. The act of emo bashing is only looked down upon by politically correct liberals.
Doug: what do you want to do tonight?
Joe: lets get shit-faced and go emo bashing!
World war two vet: i wish there was more kids like you emo bashers to beat some sence into those litte queers.
how can we help all those little cross dressing emo fags? we can bash the shit out of them untill they grow the fuck up.
by Commie Killer November 10, 2008
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Bullying. Plain and simple. However, people think it's acceptable for some reason.
Um, bullying emo kids. Verbal or physical. Doesn't matter. Emo-bashing is just wrong, as is any other form of bullying.
by dcXDrp973 April 09, 2011
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1)using words or violence to try and bring own emos to satisfy your own inner need to see someone lower than yourself. Just because it's really easy doesn't make it okay;
2)passtime of very insecure people to try and be 'cool', usually involves homosexuality in some way
3)the latest fad in pointless cruelty since making fun of black people, Jews, women, gays and cripples is now socially unacceptable
1) Homophobe A: Hey look, emo kids,lets go emo bashing!
Homophobe B: ... why?
Homophobe A: ... because they're gay!

2)A: (thinking) I wanna be cool... how can I be cool... I know! I'll go emo bashing!

3) A: Hey dude, lets go laugh at black people!
B: We're not allowed to do that anymore!
A: Seriously? Fine, how about cripples?
B: Nah, that's out too. You can get arrested!
A: Damn... how about Jews?
B: Dude! Get with the times! You can't do any of that stuff anymore!
A: Really? Then what are we supposed to do for fun?
B: There's always emo bashing...
by openmindedhofohater July 10, 2008
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A form of discrimination. Beating or harming an individual for their choices in how they dress. (Usually wearing black)
Attacking an "Emo" kid for no reason emo bashing
by TotalFreakGirl July 03, 2007
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