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Bullying. Plain and simple. However, people think it's acceptable for some reason.
Um, bullying emo kids. Verbal or physical. Doesn't matter. Emo-bashing is just wrong, as is any other form of bullying.
by dcXDrp973 April 09, 2011
A style of clothing and music that includes black along with accents of neon, skinny jeans, long hair and bangs that fall partly or completely over one or both eyes, usually angled. Some emo guys wear eyeliner. Emo music can includes screaming, along with singing. It's a type of metal. Emo music can be screamo, death metal, emo-core, alternative, etc.

False Stereotypes:

NOT ALL EMO PEOPLE ARE DEPRESSED. There are plenty who are happy with their lives.

NOT ALL EMO PEOPLE SELF-HARM. Self-harm and emo style have nothing to do with eachother. There are preppy people that self-harm, as well as emo people. Self-harm is a serious problem that should not be laughed at or looked upon as wierd or crazy.

NOT ALL EMO PEOPLE ARE LOOKING FOR ATTENTION. Of course some are. But not all of them. Some preppy people look for attention too.
Emo clothing: Hot Topic

Emo bands: Bring Me The Horizon, A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, Black Veil Brides, blessthefall, The Word Alive
by dcXDrp973 April 09, 2011
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