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3 definitions by spazzorific

an awesome comedian who rules my life! His best act is Kids party games, go listen to it right now!!
"pin the tale on the donkey, there's a good safe game for kids. What are adults thinking? Hey, wer're having a big party, lots of kids, we're gonna blindfold one of them, give 'em something sharp, spin 'em around and let 'em go!"
by spazzorific April 14, 2005
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a hair cut with a bang that goes to the side and usually covers one eye. Usually assosciated with girls who think they're indie.
1. the girls in the Garnier Fructisse commercial have emo bangs.
2. emochick: let's go listen to my chemical romance and go get our emo bangs trimmed!
by spazzorific April 12, 2005
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1 fucking psycho bitch from hell
2 native american feild grass found in nebraska and ohio
Nimblewill is satan, in a word.
by spazzorific April 14, 2005
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