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Noun: The student run, volunteer EMS agency at the GW University. Capable of responding to all medical emergencies (asthma attacks, dislocated joints, heart attacks, cardiac arrest) on and off campus.
"EMeRG saved that guy whose heart stopped yesterday"
by emerg November 22, 2007
Noun: The George Washington University's volunteer-based Emergency Medical Response Group. Used mainly to escort inebriated students to The George Washington University Hospital.

Verb: to be taken to the University Hospital, a la EMeRG.
"I'm a volunteer for EMeRG."

"You were so drunk last night I thought I was going to have you EMeRG-ed."

"Tim had to be EMeRG-ed when he was found passed out on the floor of his girlfriend's dorm in Thurston wearing her bra and panties. He was also covered in lipstick and reeked of vodka."

"The Class of 2010 has had the highest number of students to be EMeRG-ed in the University's history."

"Shit, it's EMeRG! Alright guys, party's over! See you guys next week at Lindsay's quad."

"I saw some girl getting EMeRG-ed last night when coming back from Gelman. It was awesome."
by Hitori_ryuu February 07, 2007
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