many people say EMD means "eat my dick" or "eat my dust", but there is another meaning of it too. there is a swedish band named emd, and it stands for Erik Mattias Danny. or so they say...
I hate EMD, they can eat my dick.
by imjerryseinfeldt May 08, 2012
Top Definition
Short for Eat My Dick
Person 1 says "STFU!"
Person 2 says "EMD!"
by Brad July 28, 2004
1.)Acronym for "Ebony Model Diva" used to describe long-legged,Beautiful Black Female Models who possess same(or better) skills and charm as Top Models, Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum but are still overlooked for modeling jobs based on skin color.

2.)Top Models who have conquered color barriers and made millions in the process.
"Eva Marcille is definitely a diva,she's the true definition of a EMD!"

"Can tha beautiful Adriana Lima be described as a EMD?"
by Princess Jennifer December 26, 2007
Eat my dust

(Often used to suggest that one has the capability of blowing the other person's doors off)
EMD can be found on license plates, and can be shouted out of a window. Also applicable while stopped at a stoplight as a threat to another driver.
by Divann July 31, 2004
(Eat my dust.)

Another way of saying you suck, get away from me.
EMD bitch.
by gingerluvver March 30, 2011
Electronic Monitering Device-

The form of house arrest where you have an ankle bracelet and cannot walk out your door, even if its only to your porch. What i will be experiencing until at least February 23rd.
I told that bitch not to put my ankle moniter on so tight, so she put it on tight as hell because cops are fucking assholes. EMD sucks major dick.
by MastaFunkk January 15, 2010

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