A 2.5 Oz. shot you drink after getting hammered to do away with your fucking hangover.
I went to www.drinkember.com to order some ember so I would stop getting hungover and could get fucking laid the morning after too.
by Richierichtard March 16, 2011
My Girlfriend.

Fight Me.
by Mike June 02, 2003
It's how an old man tries to seduce kids into having anal sex with him while sucking dog cock.
I remember when Mr. Watson tried to Ember me.
by WEEFITFAIL:3 December 20, 2010
A girl that tries to hard to impress people an fit in, generally are short. they love to talk crap but run away from a fight when its time to throwdown. she doesnt have the best home life an tries to sleep with other girls boyfriends or makeout with them. she revolves around drama an loves when she makes people get into fights. shes deathly afraid of getting into a fight an getting kicked out of school, shes also been heard to stuff her bra.
look at the ember over there she just got her ass handed to her.
by dontyouworry May 25, 2011

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