A very outgoing and weird girl. likes to write poems and eat food. she will always be the friend that it there when someone needs a shoulder to cry on. also loves ninjas and harry potter.
hey i saw you talking to that girl last night. i heard she's pretty ember.
by MLIA lover May 07, 2011
Top Definition
Someone with with a big heart, a smile that makes one melt, but if need be a look that could kill.
by thatshowMEroll February 07, 2010
The beauty of sunlight sparkling on the water. (a girls beauty btw)
Look over there she looks like an Ember.
by Nichole4538 December 03, 2010
A small, glowing piece of coal or wood, as in a dying fire.
embers The smoldering coal or ash of a dying fire.
-The Basis of every GC and SP song
Hoo Rah!
by Rebecca and Mike June 01, 2003
Amber, but better...
..the future. Ember is Cool. Don't name ur kid Ember.
by thisworld August 19, 2009
Girl who is a real tomboy.

She normally gets in trouble a lot and not afraid to say what she thinks. Most of the time she is off being a loner. Doesn't have many friends because she hates people.
Only few people are like this.
She's a real ember of a girl!
by Swagaknight February 11, 2014
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