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by ultimatered May 17, 2010
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A friendly name used to describe a Polish person. The word originated from the backwards spelling of 'Pole' (another common word describing people of Polish descent).

Elop can either be used to (i) describe a Polish national, (ii) as a replacement of their name (n.b. this is only likely to work if the Polish national is in the company of non-Polish nationals), OR (iii) to describe the Polish race as a whole.
(i) That Elop is massive.

Did all of your Elop mates come round last night?

(ii) Elop, pass the bread mate.

Hey, you want to go to the gym Elop?

(iii) Elops are generally massive, but there are some well known exceptions to the rule.

Elops are very kind and giving people.
by N.A.5 December 26, 2011
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