A female name. But not real.Most likely given by oneself as a alias.
No one really know's her... but they all called her Elle!
by Gottcha May 13, 2003
The best person in the world. She's usually tall and dark haired, with a amazing legs and great tits. She's absolutely insane, and speaks at least three languages. She likes to pretend she's a ghetto and writes ridiculous songs. Any guy (or girl) would be lucky to have her - she's one of those rare people who loves you for who you are, and never talks about anyone behind their back. She likes to pretend she's not smart, and she doesn't seem to realize how gorgeous she is.
"Ohmygod who is that gorgeous girl speaking french?"
"That's elle"
by Anni9898 April 10, 2013
a very spazztastic person hoo is ALWAYS going to tell u the truth...evn if u reeeeally reeeally dont want to hear it. REALLY REALLY duznt giv a shit wut other ppl think of her...extremely fun to hang out w/...its always mardi gras...
good thing elles has a new bra!! becuz its MARDI GRAS!!!! take off ur top!
by mandie March 14, 2005
A very hot and sexy girl. A great kisser. best match with a Logan or Connor. And great in bed
guy1:hey I heard you kissed Elle.
Guy2: ya I did it was awesome shes so good at it.
guy3:damn dude ur lucky
by pearsonc4018 December 18, 2013
-Engler Lovers who Love Engler
-Someone who would do anything for the tiniest aount of attention
-A Douchebag filled with Fecalmatter
An abundance of members of the Stepinac Drama Club are E.L.L.E
by e-Trock February 26, 2005
A young hot sexy unimaginalble beutiful Russian. She has tons of friends. All the guys love her. Is great in bed. Has many LOvers. BEST NAME IN THE WORLD!!!!! BEST GIRLLLLLL IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!
guy1::: That girl is ......... (speechless)))
guy2::: I call dibssss!!!
guy1::: no u didn't

guy2::: yes i did

guy1::: I know how we could settle this by guessing her name in the count of 3 we blurt it out.


guy2::: WHere did u go??
looks guy1 is with Elle dang!!!
by Elle's Boyfriend <3 June 04, 2011
Russian Transilation for Bum sex.Gay only !!!!,after you have an elle you lick there bum and orge with your fingers, then video tape it. to make guys jelous.but boys dont think thats good looking.
usually use a banana to do an elle
by jack benory September 26, 2011

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