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- noun "al-eat" –

Is a term used to describe a person who thinks they are too good for everyone else or thinks of themselves as being “badd”.

An “elite” will tend to congregate in group or collective of fellow “elites”, as such, when there is more than one elite, they are referred to as being "elites", in this situation they will tend to converge in various locations and social gatherings where they will all "hang out" together.

An “elite” person may once have been cool (as in alright), however will only communicate with a “non-elite” in one of three circumstances. Firstly if they want something, whereby they will initiate contact, mostly likely by a random as txt or email, however if the this is unsuccessful, then a more direct mode of communication will be sought after, such a phone call or direct person-to-person conversation. Secondly if they have got nobody to hang out with in some social setting, in this case the “non-elite” will be so shocked that an “elite” is talking to them that they will need to take a moment and react along the lines of the following “fucken this guy” or “ohhh shieeet” or “sorry now wanna talk cause you got no friends” Thirdly if they have had some sort of confrontation or falling out with other fellow “elites” resulting in them being outcast from a their collective of “elites”, ultimately however in this case this out casted “elite” will have a short lived relationship with a “non-elite”, as they will eventually either find a new collective of “elites” to join or they will go running back to their original collective of “elites”.

The primary problem with the “elites” is that they try to put “non-elites” down, by judging them negatively; this is done through a variety of modes and mediums. The fact of the matter is that the “non-elites” are better in every way; this is why the “non-elites” believe that the “elites” should just shut the fuck up. Quoting a philosopher Maari Mukh, the “elites” THINK they are badd, emphasis on the word “THINK”, “non-elites” ARE badd, emphasis on the word “ARE”.

There is also debate about whether an “elite” can convert to a “non-elite”, however this has not been observed or witnessed in real life studies, as in most cases an “elite” will eventually revert back to thinking they are the man
oh nah, here come some elites; oh that GUYY, he's an elite; You're such an elite.
by Ramnijit Singh March 04, 2008
High quality, upper class, superior, fine, above average, great, wonderful, sinfully good, not an asshat, skillful, wonderful, wizzunderful
Those were some elite moves, my friend.
When I kicked those guys asses handily?
by Noodles February 19, 2003
A noble creature of high stature. It stands seven feet tall and has impressive musculature. Commonly seen on the battlefield, it's rank can be derived from the color of armor it wears. Blue is the common color of the foot soldier and red denotes a command position. There have been sightings of golden elites, some believe they hold the highest command rankings, and a soldier reported to have seen a white elite once, however there were no other reports. It appears that the ranking system is based on the number of kills in combat the elite has had. Truly magnificent soldiers.
I only ever encountered one of those 'lites once, and I never want to see one again. Before we knew what hit us, half our 'toon had been wiped out. It took out thirty men single-handedly before we could kill it. All I can say is thank God it was just one...
by Jon X May 11, 2005
A term to describe a skilled hacker. Originating from the "elite" sections of dial up BBS systems which only an elite few had access to, and which usually contained text files on hacking, warez, etc.
He's just a skript kiddie!
no way man, he is really elite!
by hackyhacky July 10, 2008
Elites are a fictional alien race in the Halo series by Bungie Studios. Until a civil war in Halo 2, they serve as one of the two primary commanding species in the caste system of the Covenant, an alliance of alien races

Yeah they're pretty much badass aliens. Know to carry sweet energy swords

The average Elite stands at eight feet, six inches (2.6 m).19 They have a quadruple-hinged jaw, with an upper jaw and four mandibles lined with sharp, pointed teeth
Elite: "hey"

Master Chief: "Uh hi"

Elites: "Well, uh... this is awkward"
by Ponchop August 05, 2010
Elite = Leet
Leet = 1337.

Used term when someone is professional at something, such as Counter-Strike, Day of Defeat, Richochet, etc.
Dude, you're so 1337.
by Stephen Oh March 01, 2005
is a way of saying your better than everyone else.
Colleen and sioban are the most elite in school.
by by steven November 27, 2010
A during-the-summer SAT prep course known for its tedious amounts of homework, arduous practice tests, and ability to make even breathing seem strenuous.
Guy One: Hey, man, wanna go to the beach?
Guy Two: Sorry, bro. I have to memorize the definitions for 'rapacious' and 'colposinquanonia'. But hey, did you know the definition for adelphirexia is an incestuous desire for one's nephew?
Guy One: ...you alright, man?
Guy Two: Yeah, I'm just going to Elite.