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A site mainly dedicated to warning lighting used on emergency and nonemergency vehicles.
Unfortunately it's overrun by mostly semiliterate members. This is substantiated to the fullest when browsing the entire site, especially the "Off Topic" section.
A definite pack mentality can be seen when otherwise coherent thoughts and ideas are presented to the simplistic masses.
Keep in mind most members are younger, volunteer low-skilled (not bashing volunteering), and from small(er) isolated areas (not that all small town people are ignorant).
One might question the presence of five or six seemingly intelligent members, unless they have a, "scientist working in a chimp lab", fetish.
The administration is often biased, and many of the site's rules/guidelines/links are unenforced/unused/outdated.
Two thumbs down to what could have had the potential to be a helpful and informative site.
(The following negative posts/reviews/ratings will be marked by breadcrumb trails back to
I joined, and all I lost was my stupid diploma.
by norefute February 24, 2008
Warning equipment site providing resources and warning equipment to the emergency professionals. ~elightbars

Touted amoung emergency professionals as the last resource site and message board that has successfully been moderated and maintained by a dedicated staff of administration, without being overrun by distasteful posters.
Notable amoung administrators is the ever present Pat H. and founder John Marcson.
Jonny (wacker); "I think i'll try elightbars to tell everybody what I just did with my amber lights!

Tom; "Don't even try Jonny Admin will delete your meaningless post before it even sees eyes."
by l November 14, 2004

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