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offspring of a unicorn and a robotstronaut who met after an galactic battle to save the universe from evil chocolate flavored peeps
eleventyseven frolics through the land of fake believe
by Galacticagirl March 28, 2008
An imaginary number to be used when you have lost count of something and you need to verbally state a quantity.

Origin unknown.
Yes, I know you have rung the doorbell eleventy-seven times!
by ke6isf August 12, 2004
a pop punk trio from South Carolina. The band consists of
Matt Langston (Guitar and Vocals)
Caleb Satterfield (Bass and BVGs)
Jon Stephens (Drums and BVGs)

They have released two cds to date:
The Land Of Fake Believe (2006)
Galactic Conquest (2007)

and have released two music videos one of which is called Myspace.
Eleventyseven is your favorite band and you didn't even know it!
by Galacticagirl March 29, 2008
The value of any unknown integer that can be counted in scores (tens) ie more than 20 but not in hundreds ie below 200.

The specific number is 117
eleventy-seven red balloons go by
what ever you want it to be
Tre: hey Todd, eleventy seven
Todd: whats that?
Tre: its what ever you want it to be
by greenday256 March 26, 2012