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Main Entry: elev·en·teen
Pronunciation: i-'le-v&n-'tEn
Function: noun

1) The real number eleven (11) with the prefix -teen added to coincide with the naming scheme of numbers ending in -teen (13 through 19), used to convey uncertainty & fictitious ambiguity.

2) Used as sarcasim or in a sarcastic responce or insult.

3) Can also be used to describe a preteen.
1) I can't remember when I learned to ride a bike, I must have been about eleventeen or so!?

2) You're so smart, what are you, eleventeen?

3)John likes them youg, you should have seen this eleventeen year old he brought to the party yesterday.
by HossMonkey June 18, 2004
Young teenagers who try to be cool and hangout with older teenagers. Mainly, 15 year old girls who lie about their ages and sleep with guys much older than they are. Kids who go to shows to be cool. Girls who pretend to smoke cigarettes. Slutty girls who wear lots of MAC make-up, wear Converse, and listen to Plain White T's but, say they like metal.
"That girl is eleventeen."
"Eleventeens love Daniel Tower."
by chelseaofgreen July 10, 2008
Is when a pre-teen tries to act and look the part of a teenager. Much so like when a teenager tries to act and look the part of an adult.
What's up with these 5th grade girls wearing makeup? Those eleventeens haven't even reached puberty.
by Chongers March 10, 2007
Eve 6 before Tony Fagenson. It featured Max Collins, Jon Siebels, and a guy named Nick whose last name I can't remember.
Is that Eleventeen CD going to see the light of day?
by Karen Stickney September 17, 2006
11 to the power 11, used to solve advanced math problems.
Scientists and mathematicians often use eleventeen with irrational numbers.
by Biath December 02, 2014
The amount of alcohol drunk in an evening that leads to alcoholic amnesia. Never a consistent amount, but always more than 10 pints or shorts, hence 'eleventeen'
How many have I drunk? Eleventeen but I've room for another...
by SBWNik April 03, 2011
(a): when a child who is 11 years old is considered beyond their years and passes preteen to go directly into the teenage years.
My son Michael is 10, but next year he will be eleventeen (11-teen).
by mgmusa January 09, 2011
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