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(El`ee*mos"y*na*ry\) (?; 277), a. (LL. eleemosynarius, fr. eleemosyna alms, Gr. ? alms. See Alms.)

1. Relating to charity, alms, or almsgiving; intended for the distribution of charity; as, an eleemosynary corporation.

2. Given in charity or alms; having the nature of alms; as, eleemosynary assistance. "Eleemosynary cures." --Boyle.

3. Supported by charity; as, eleemosynary poor.

Eleemosynary (El`ee*mos"y*na*ry\), n.; pl. Eleemosynaries. One who subsists on charity; a dependent. --South.
No unabridged dictionary is complete without the definition of Eleemosynary, but it's really rare to have the opportunity to use the word in Scrabble. My friend who lived with me rent-free for a year and ate all my food was a total eleemosynary. The Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation will be holding an eleemosynary event to benefit those HIV+ and their relatives.
by ssppuunn January 20, 2009
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Means charitable.
Rockefellar showed great character as an eleemosynary benefactor.
by Polarite December 27, 2016
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