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The tingly feeling you get in your arm when someone rubs or has sex with your elbow skin; otherwise known as a wnis job. It is a very pleasurable feeling. To get an elboner is a very special and spritual thing.
Megan: I just gave Kim a wenis job.
Sam: I bet you gave her an elboner!
Kim: Yes, I did get an elboner.
by GirlsWhoSingLikeFreshmenGuys September 02, 2011
The response of the boyfriend's elbow after it accidentally brushes the girlfriend's breast while the couple walks together. The elboner occurs when the male stiffens his arm and positions himself to increase the probability of another, more intentional brush-by.
Him: "I love long walks on the beach."

Her: "Nice elboner."

Him: "And thus, the reason why I love long walks on the beach."
by lphovercraft October 14, 2014
an act in which your arm sticks straight out, thus making your elbow un-flaccid: an elbow boner, short for elboner. Similar to a kneerection, which incorporates your leg.
"Oh, look, Will has an elboner again, and all the girls can see it."
by rnoonrnaoac March 30, 2008

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