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Noun: a brutal, repugnant, violent, ignorant, stupid military dictator, who authorizes the massacre of hundreds of his own country's citizens.

Verb: to authorize the killing of hundreds of civilians.
Noun: "Ghadaffi, Idi Amin, Mobutu, Than Shwe, Assad, Ceausescu, Karimov, Assad: they're all a bunch of el-sisis." -- historian Thomas Q. Fellows.

Verb (to el-sisi): "Looking more broadly at the situation in Egypt, el-sisiing is not going to solve anything," said Cavid Dameron, "We don't support this violence; it is despicable to el-sisi one's political opponents."

Noun and verb: "Our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when some idiot el-sisi is authorizing the el-sisiing of civilians in the streets and rights are being rolled back," said Orack Babama, "Whether it occurs in Syria or North Korea or Libya or Egypt, an el-sisi is not worthy of US support."
by Suilbup August 20, 2013
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