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It is Mike Backwards
Hey Mike, your name is Ekim backwards
by If i was gay, i would be! October 13, 2007
Noun: A very lonely korean kid who plays League 24/7 and is a failure at everything else he tries to accomplish. He also tried to suffocate his Weiner Head various times to get his anger out. Also, tends to get very nice haircuts.

Adjective: If you call someone EKIM it means that they are very stupid, unaccomplished, suffocate their weiner head and are extremely homophobic.
Noun: OMG wtf bruh is that EKIM

No that's just a negro!

Adjective: Dude stop being such an EKIM

Fine! (stops suffocating his weiner head)
by Jonathan Tao July 15, 2014
Turkish for planting or sowing
He ekim his dick into that goat.
by bigpile March 31, 2010
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