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Noun : One who sucks the " Big one ". Mates with kittens and plays shitty games. He often makes the noises of children when he cannot make a point.

Adj: One who whines like a little bitch.

Verb: To go limp during sexual intercourse.
N: Look at ekahab, What a tard.

A: Man stop acting like an Ekahab.

V: Man i think i just went ekahab on you girl.
by Binobacca October 07, 2006
9 9

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one who is owned by an AWP
You got ekahabed!
Damn man, You so got ekahabed!
by JD February 14, 2005
5 5
Derived from random name generator in a galaxy far far away,this name is synonomous with beauty,power,humor,strength and a charismatic stature.This name is also used to describe tenacious,destructive attacks of surgical precision.
Man he is so ekahab!
Wow,those guys must have been ekahabbed!
by shotgunjoe February 09, 2005
7 10